Math G6 Classroom 20160911

Hello All,
Welcome to CTCSchool Math G6 Classroom. This is Teacher Paul.  I hope every kid will enjoy this class and get what you expected after finishing this program.
In yesterday’s class, we had an initial touch base with kids and their parents. The introduction was presented for all of you a reference. Then, kids had a quick quiz, which is used for evaluation of which level kids are in. To my surprise, they all did an excellent work. The exam sheet  was given to kids. If parents want to give it a double check, please go ahead.
In the next weekend, we will start number theory by introducing the least Common Multiple and the Greatest Common Factor. This part of work will be a good preparation for us to go into Fractions.
The homework is in your MathSmart 6, please, Parents, help kids to control the process based on your own schedule and capability. I am open to your questions. Plus:
  1. The Greatest Common Factor Practice Sheet
  2. The Least Common Multiple Practice Sheet
  3. Just want mention that WillBeDividedBy7_11_13 is a read materials for you guys.
  4. Divisible_Pattern_PracticeSheet has no answer for you, we will review in the class. The rest of two have the answer sheet attached.

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