How to Install and Run Apache Web Server on Windows 10

Step 1 – download the installation package


Click on the latest stable release

  • You want the binaries, click on it.


  • Now go to ‘win32’ and click on it.


  • Scroll down to see ‘ApacheHaus’ , open it.


  • You should have something like this.


Scroll down to see the version of Apache in two variations 32 bit and 64 bit (x64) (blue boxes).

  • Click on download on whichever one you want (red circles).download6

Step 2 – Installation

  • Open up the downloaded file, and then open up the folder with Apache24 on it. Copy all the files under the folder of Apache24


  • Make a new folder in any drive and paste the files in a folder named ‘Apache24’.


Just make sure the address is not much complicated. I just put it in C:/Apache24

Step 3 – Test if Apache is working

  • Open the Command Prompt as Administrator and change to the bin sub-directory of the extracted directory; i.e.; C:\Apache24\bin. Type httpd.exe and press Enter.


  • Now open the browser and type http://localhost followed by pressing the Enter key. You will see the sample web site up and running.


Step 4 – Edit index.html

  • Now edit the file C:\Apache24\htdocs\index.html to include contents of your liking. Something as follows:


  • Refresh your browser to see the web site updated.


That’s how easy it is to run Apache Web Server on a Windows 10 box.

Step 5 – Install as a Windows service:

When you close the command window, Apache will exit. However, to ensure that Apache is running all the time, it can quickly be installed as a Windows service. Simply open an administrative command prompt again, and in this time enter the following:

httpd.exe -k install

You should then see a message that the Apache2.4 service has been successfully installed.

You can then start the service by typing in cmd (command line):

net start Apache2.4


if you want to stop the service, you can type

net stop Apache2.4

Step 6 – Monitor Apache (optional)

To allow you to monitor the current state of your Apache server, as well as allow you to quickly start/stop/restart the server, Apache comes with a small utility called “Apache Monitor”. Double click ApacheMonitor.exe from the bin folder to run the utility, or place a shortcut to in in your Startup folder so that it automatically runs whenever Windows starts.




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