Import a web project to Eclipse

To make you feel easy to work around building your web project. I put my project in the sever as a war package. What you have to do is download this package and save it in your local folder (you have to remember where you stored) The package can be found in the following link:

MyWeb War

After you stored the package into your local folder, we can follow the steps below to import the web project into your eclipse.

  1. File–>Import ….
  2. Select–>Web–>WAR file
  3. Choose the package file you stored in your local folder for WAR file, fill a web project name (MyWebExample as what I used)
  4. We don’t have any extra lib used in our project, so leave it as an empty
  5. Finish everything, then we have a new web project, using all the existing my code

You are free to change anything in the project to play and learn HTML 5 and web.xml and servlets, or run this project on your personal Tomcat Server.




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